Matteo Lodi Relatore

Threat Intelligence Team Leader in Certego, an italian MDR and TI provider. Member of The Honeynet Project and Google Summer of Code Administrator. Author and creator of the Threat Intelligence Project called IntelOwl. Lethal Forensicator Coin Holder and SANS GREM certified.
  • Intel Owl project: making the life of cyber security analysts easier Intel Owl is an Open Source Intelligence solution to get threat intelligence data about specific digital artifacts like files, IP addresses and domains, from a single API at scale. It integrates a number of analyzers available online and a lot of cutting-edge malware analysis tools. It is for everyone who needs a single point to query for info about a specific file or observable. This Talk will guide the audience through how this open source software works and how it can be leveraged by security analysts to save time and optimize their work during their day-to-day activities. - 14:30/15:15, 10 Jun 2023